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Alpaca Rook Thick Boyz Bowl

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Feature a rook spire, hand thrown extra thick for ultimate heat retention! ALL Thick Boyz are uniquely stamped and designed. These bad boyz are solid! Tobacco capacity holds 20-30g.

Size, colour, and design imprint may vary due to the handmade nature of product.

What you get:

  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x Tray


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x AOT Heat management system


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x AOT Heat management system
  • 1x Aluminium Foil
  • 1x Coconut Charcoal 1kg


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x Kaloud Lotus HMD
  • 1x Coconut Charcoal 1kg
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