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Shisko Hookah Charcoal 26mm

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  • HIGH QUALITY COCOAL - Coconut charcoal is the No. 1 for the experienced hookah smoker, it glows quickly and reaches high temperatures.
  • LONG LIFE - The glowing time of Shisko coconut charcoal can reach up to 2 hours.
  • LOW ASH DEVELOPMENT - The ash development is less than 3%, so the coconut charcoal burns extremely clean.
  • SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURE - Natural raw materials are used to produce the natural charcoal, which are a by-product of wood processing.
  • 100% NATURAL COAL - Shisko coconut charcoal contains no additives and has no flavour of its own.

Shisko coconut charcoal is the ideal fuel to give your tobacco a good fire under the .... well, let's say over your bowl! The natural charcoal burns very hot and almost residue-free, and it can burn for up to 2 hours. The remaining ash is only 3% of the product weight, less ash means less dust and that pleases the hookah friend. When cold, the ash and charcoal residues can be easily composted or disposed of in the household waste. The wood used for the production of coconut charcoal is a by-product of wood processing, so not a single tree has to be used for the production of your beloved charcoal.

  • Country of origin: Indonesia
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